Why should I use TikTok for small business in 2022

Some of my clients have been asking me why should I use TikTok for small business in 2022. Listen up and stick around to find out more about the world of Tiktok.

Kirsty Watchorn British social media expert
Kirsty Watchorn British social media expert

Now, we’ve all seen how quickly Tiktok has grown and is growing. Years ago, it was a very young persons’ platform. But now we are seeing that older generations are using and sharing Tiktok videos.

To rewind, Facebook was the platform for older people. And one of the uses was to share funny videos. But now with older generations, some are starting to use Tiktok.

They’re sharing funny Tiktok to each other just like Facebook.

There’s a lot of humour on there, and a lot of education too. You could even call it a pocket-sized YouTube.

It’s growing at such a rate it has surpassed many expectations.

But the real questions are: Should your business be on it? should you add it to your list?

The answer to the question Why should I use TikTok for small business in 2022 is:

I’d say Yes. I’d recommend jumping straight into it. Even just giving it a tester. It’s not going anywhere, and our targeted audience are now moving to Tiktok too.

Why should I use TikTok for small business in 2022
Why should I use TikTok for small business in 2022

The amount of time people are spending on Tiktok is about an hour right now. Staying consistent on this platform drives more people to your business. All we need to do is find our consumers.

It has taken Tiktok barely any time at all to gain users. Meanwhile Facebook and Instagram took way more time.

Through videos, we can connect with others. And Tiktok drives people on its app much quicker than other platforms.

How to get free advertising with Tiktok

Developing a Tiktok strategy is at a peak importance right now. It creates brand awareness and drives traffic to your website. This is how we get paid. Tiktok has created short form content like Reels and YT Shorts.

So multi-purposing your Tiktok videos onto YT Shorts and Reels is necessary. Because the more people that find you on different platforms, the more the algorithm pushes you towards more eyes.

However do you create a strategy for this? Maybe every two weeks you’ll do a batch of 30 second videos. Finding a content creator for yourself and have these scheduled and created for you is recommended.

Moreover, you must stay consistent and post a whole lot for short form content.

Check out my article about whether you should post short form or long form content for more. It may help to answer you question why should I use TikTok for small business in 2022

Additionally it can be hard to keep up posting short form as well as your regular content. With so many types of content to post, it’s almost essential for businesses to find a social media manager.

Especially because these short form videos aren’t going anywhere.

Your business needs to be in front of people on these platforms. It’s a really exciting time and please don’t see it as more work for you. Because there are content creators just like me who are here to help.

And content creators have created a full-time business out of it. We know that social media is so important. You must keep up with the algorithms, track the business growth and help create money.

Expert in Social media platform marketing Kirsty Watchorn
Expert in Social media platform marketing Kirsty Watchorn

Benefits of a social media content creator for TikTok and social media

If you’re just posting on Facebook, then you really need to ramp up your strategy. And show your customers you exist. I believe that this is the future. Why bother creating something that won’t reach your audience?

However if you don’t know how to make your content better, what do you do? Maybe you’ve thought of hiring a content creator before, but it seemed difficult.

What would it be like, and what are the prices?

Having a content creator means that all your time spent on your business will be handed to another. You suddenly have so much more free time.

Better yet, you’ll have professionals create custom images and video for your small business. And they will all be SEO optimised. To sum up, with extra time and quality posts, what more can you want?

That varies from one person to the other. I can only tell you about Web Crunch.

What Web Crunch can do for you is manage your socials. We can sort your business goals, create and schedule content, update you on business progression, give you tips and more.

we offer some awesome deals, and you can start to see how much a content creator can help without much commitment from the beginning. Just check out our social media posting prices and packages on the rest of our website.

Should I use Tiktok to get free advertising?

You asked why should I use TikTok for small business in 2022. Overall, Tiktok is the way to go right now. It’s only going to get more popular and right now it is such an easy way to grow.

The way the Tiktok algorithm works right now is that they will push new creators out way more than other platforms.

But this, like all social medias, will change. Eventually it’ll become harder to grow on Tiktok than it will be right now. So there’s no reason you shouldn’t get on Tiktok for your small business.

In conclusion, Tiktok creates brand awareness, is easy to grow with, and your target audience might be there. It is truly the perfect time to hop onto Tiktok.

And consider hiring Web Crunch to help your accounts thrive. We only want to help your business grow just like you do. It’s super simple to just call me, and we’ll se where we go with your business. All the best from Web Crunch to you!

Thank you for reading this article today. I hope that these tips will help your account achieve maximum potential.

And if you’re looking for more web services such as SEO search engine optimisation, check out the rest of Webcrunch.co.uk because we have so much more to offer.

Good luck, and all the best from us.

If you love the tips, but don’t have the time? We also offer our own services to you! Partner with us and have your social media managed and grown by us. Find out more by looking around our website.

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