Social Media VS Website for small business

In a world where a lot of the population use the Internet. It is VITAL to start advertising your business online. Especially when you’re a small business.

So this is why it’s so important to choose which way you want to advertise your small business. In this article we look at social media VS website SEO for small business.

Social Media VS Website for small business
Social Media VS Website for small business

Shall I start on social media or a website?

Today I’ll show you the pros and cons of advertising on both platforms. And from then you can decide which way you’ll want to move forward.

Advertising small business on social media

Social media usage has rocketed the past years since it was created. And since it is so popular, there are a ton of tips and tricks you can follow to grow your business with social media.

In addition, social media apps themselves have built tools to make businesses easier to advertise. With it being free to use and fairly easy to start, practically anyone can do it. There’s not much I have to say to tell you social media is a effective tool to use.

There’s no certain or trained knowledge you need to have (though it doesn’t hurt) to build a social media account. Plus, promoting and sharing what social media is built to do.

You’ll be able to personally socialise with your customers through your profile. As they comment, or direct message, you’ll see what your customers want.

As well as keeping in touch with your audience, you’ll see what they like. By changing your profile to a business profile, you can use Insights to track your statistics.

With using social media, you’ll have to be at least one thing: Social. That means keeping up with social interactions, engagements, and even interacting in your niche. If your life is busy as it is, this will only add onto the pile. A social media account can rise and fall with the number of engagements you get.

However, a true benefit of social media is that you don’t have to build it. It comes readymade and all you have to do is start uploading.

Moreover with social media, your effort lies in the amount you upload and socialise with people.

Advertising small business on social media
Advertising small business on social media

Advertising small business on a website

Using a website to advertise your small business is going to be harder, but even more advantageous. With social media, you can get your small business out there. So that people are aware that you exist and are working till this day.

But with a professional website, your customers know a few more things about your business:

You are a business that cares

You’re a business that puts effort in

The business that has a plan

If someone comes across a low-effort, messy website then why even bother looking further? Customers want not only aesthetics but an easy-to-follow home page. If you don’t make sure that customers are easily attainable, then what’s the point?

Websites are considerably harder to keep up compared to social media accounts. SEO changes frequently, and if you’re not on top of it, you’re going to rank lower. And nobody wants that for their hard-earned website.

You may want to branch out and hire a professional to take care of your website. And it doesn’t have to be too costly either. Have you ever clicked onto the second page of google? Or even the third? Well, it’s most likely where you’ll have to start. But by using a professional to help can put your site on the first page. And that’s where you need to be.

Overall, having a professional and easily findable website can be a HUGE addition to your small business. It lets customers know that you’re a working business. And it also makes it easier for your customers to buy whatever you offer.

Using a website and a social media account for small business

Using both a social media account and a website means you’re going to be busy. Very busy. But the rewards are incredible.

Ultimately, having both is the best option. You gain awareness and loyalty through social media, and your website leads customers down the marketing funnel. It’s the ultimate way to get sales online and get noticed.

But the amount of effort and time you’ll have to put in is immense. From building your website, staying on top of SEO. And staying social on your account, while keeping up with frequent uploads. It’s a time-consuming path to go.

I can do that for you if you are at the stage that you need to concentrate on what you do best – Running your business! Click for my full price list for social media management.

I’d recommend if you’re starting out, use social media. It’s free, easily manageable, and ready to use. But if you’ve established your small business or have a structured plan, go for a website. At best, starting somewhere is what you need to focus on. And most of all, starting properly.

When you cover all bases, it’s going to be worth it.

Advertising small business on a website
Advertising small business on a website

With even a hint of strategy in mind, you’re well on your way to boosting your business. And add passion to that mix and it’ll become a whole lot easier. It’s a whole lot easier to love what you do, so choose the option you know you’ll enjoy the most.

Because when it comes to hard work, anything’s easier when you’re enjoying the process. Though this is just my personal opinion.

At the end of they day you must weigh in your lifestyle with your work. What’s going to be the most manageable? What’s going to be most helpful to you? Our social media

Conclusion regarding social media VS website for small business

A website is vital for customers to find you on the web, trust your business and get more sales. But a social media account will help you experiment, reach out to your audience and root you in your niche.

Whether you choose social media or a website, they can be hard to manage. Let alone to keep up. Especially if you have little to no idea how to start your small business, on whatever platform you choose. There’s no need to be in a panic trying to keep up to date.

Personally, I understand that maintaining a small business is hard, at the very least.

But lucky for you, there are many professionals out there to help. From scheduling your uploads to creating uploads themselves.

Our social media magagement packages are priced for everyone, and we are really good at getting potential customers to look at it 🙂

Social media management prices in Doncaster

Along with keeping up with tips from us, you can hire us too. At Web crunch, we’re a professional internet marketing service. Staying up to date with social media and website updates. Such as PYE (Prove you exist) and growing your small business. Stay on top with us.

We’re always here to offer you our services. Whether you need a marketing consultant, media posting, a web designer or SEO help.

Thank you for listening to these tips today. I hope that these tips will help you achieve maximum potential. And if you’re looking for more, check out the rest of, because we have so much more to offer. Good luck, and all the best from us.

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