The importance of Social media posting

The importance of Social media posting can no longer be ignored with the new Google algorithm out in May 2021. It takes away your choice of whether to post regularly on the main social media platforms if you want your web site to continue to rank.

If you website is not ranking very well at the moment, it gives you the change to get ahead of your competitors in the google rankings. This will bring you free clients and with it a reduction in your google adwords bill.

Prove You exist on the web (PYE)

The new kid on the block in terms of local website SEO is PYE. This quite simply means Prove You Exist.

Why should you have to prove you exist? Google must know your web site exists because it’s out there in the Google listings. Well yes, but the biggest problem Google has is understanding who is actually still working and who isn’t.

Every day over half a million web sites are added to the internet. Add to that the amount of business that have gone out of business during covid and you start to understand what a headache google has is in knowing what web sites are active, and what are not. Enter The importance of Social media posting.

If you don’t already know, Google makes money by selling advertising like adwords and others. They are on the same page as your internet search. So supposing your search for a hairdresser, you will get a page full of results, great.

But when you click on one, it still shows but when you try to contact the people, nothing. This is because they went out of business or for some reason they are not working at the moment.

Google understands how annoying this is and it also knows that if this keeps happening searchers will just use a different search engine. And there are plenty out there.

Google just wants to sell advertising so it needs the search results to be accurate. So this is why it is now checking your social media activity.

To see if you are actually alive and kicking. You need to prove you exist (PYE) in order for Google to know that your web site is being attended to.

How often to post on social media.

There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to how often to post on social media. However, Webcrunch research suggests that three times a week is a happy medium. This sounds like a lot of social media posting. It is, because you should be posting on at least the big three or four social media platforms.

It needs to be fresh content every time too. Google knows when you are just putting up the same old photos and text! But I can take away all that pain and free up your time so that you can get on with making money.

I will do everything you need at a very reasonable rate. And because you just need to know if you can afford it, all my social media posting prices are on this web site.

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It’s time to get ahead of your rivals. Trust me, they will be looking to do the same sort of thing if they are serious about their business.

Get in now before they do and start to show google some history so it can understand that you are still working.

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