How to BOOST your Instagram Reels reach

We all know that getting reach on Instagram isn’t as easy as we’d like. But knowing how to boost your Instagram Reels reach can REALLY boost your small business and put you on the map.

Thereby making other people aware of you and getting more sales.

How to BOOST your Instagram Reels reach
How to BOOST your Instagram Reels reach

Instagram, for one, is a hugely visual-focused platform. So that’s always something to keep in mind when creating content.

To go on from that, here is the first tip to gain Instagram reach.

What’s trending? Find trending audios and theme trends through Instagram Reels or Tiktok. I’d recommend Tiktok because it’s always one step ahead of Instagram. In terms of trending topics.

Going through reels or Tiktok for a while. As you’re going through the videos, note their themes and audios. Is there a certain audio or theme that keeps coming up?

Harness it and use it.

After that, make it fit your niche. What can this audio have to do with your niche? Maybe it reminds you of a specific anecdote, a regular occurrence, and more.

All to do within your business so that it’s entertaining, but still relevant to your account.

It has to be relevant and not a complete other idea because your audience must care. Your followers will not be interested in videos that aren’t niche specific.

Along with that, what are your competitors doing? Take note of what’s popular in their content. You can use that for inspiration for your future posts.

Find what your target audience is, and you’ll know what will fit. Do some market research over your competitors, your audience and see what is trending at the moment.

Make trending Instagram Reels fit your niche
Make trending Instagram Reels fit your niche

How to attract people to your Instagram reels

Creating value is a hugely broad term. But when considering your niche, your competitors, and what your audience enjoy, it becomes so much easier.

It is so helpful to your reels. Making valuable videos where your customers know you’ve put effort in lets them know you put effort in whatever you’re marketing.

It makes them sure that you’re a small business who really cares.

This effort, however, does take time. You don’t have to do anything crazy. But the value of your business is a huge attractor to your customers. As they wouldn’t want to hire or buy from someone who isn’t loyal to what they do. Everyone wants to grow business using Instagram

You’ll also want to be clear on what you do, and the ‘need’ that you fill. It is easy for consumers to get overwhelmed with choice.

If your feed is certain on what you do or sell, then consumers will be more likely to browse.

Say you’re looking at a profile page. It has way too many complicated pictures or videos. Even by looking at them, you may find it too much effort to read and leave.

That is what you don’t want to happen. So make sure your content is easy to read, doesn’t take too much effort, and is clear. This already helps out consumers.

Lastly, you absolutely want to make valuable captions. Posts with captions that are packed with value are much more likely to get engagements than just a video.

Having a valuable caption can increase the chance of someone bookmarking and saving that post. Then your post can reap even more benefits.

Combining video and caption value says to your customers that you’re willing to put the work in. And that’s always a good message to have.

How does consistency help your Instagram reels?

Nothing works more than an amazing consistency. Chances are many businesses have created just a few random reels and left it at that. Or they’re not posting the reels at the right time.

While reels DO have a longer shelf life, you don’t want to only rely on that. Making batches of reels and posting them at the right time can rocket your reach.

But how do you know what time works? By experimenting, researching and analysing you’ll find your niche.

Finding the right time to upload could be different depending on where you’re located, your follower’s active timeframe and more.

And once you do find those golden times, make sure to stay consistent. We all know when posting we need to have a schedule. And so do your reels.

In terms of how to boost your Instagram Reels reach, posting consistently is key. It may not suddenly jump your reach, but it will give you a base to work and develop on.

Posting consistently can also attract followers to see your reels. They might catch on when you post, and therefore actively search for you.

But incase they don’t, they can always catch up on your reels, which is also entertaining to binge.

It also very important, after the last Google update to prove you exist to Google. Social media ia a great way to kill two birds with one stone!

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How to attract people to your Instagram reels
How to attract people to your Instagram reels

Experiment with Instagram to your Instagram Reels reach

Seeing you so often and consistent through their recommendations or feed helps customers become connected with your business too.

Remember that customers often buy, or at least become swayed, from personal connections.

This means that by posting often means they’ll see you often. When they see more of you, it becomes a small habit, and you’re likely to get more engagements.

Building your posts up with added reels gives your small business a touch of personality. This can eventually lead up to sales. Sometimes, it takes a while for a consumer to warm up to your business.

But when they do, they could become a loyal customer for who knows how long.

Thank you for listening to these tips today. I hope that these tips will help your account achieve maximum potential.

And if you’re looking for more, check out the rest of Webcrunch, because we have so much more to offer. Good luck, and all the best from us.

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In conclusion, knowing how to boost your Instagram Reels reach is a very important part of your marketing strategy.

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