Which social media is best for small businesses

Which social media is best for small businesses
Lets use social media to boost your small business

By far, social media is a sure marketing channel that can boost your sales. Or at least, give YOU and your small business a HUGE insight of your customers, awareness and more. But Which social media is best for small businesses?

So WHAT social media do you use? You don’t want to juggle tons of social medias for no gain. But you also don’t want to use the wrong social media for your audience.

So I’ve made a list for you to work out which social media to use for a small business.

(By the way, we’d recommend you use no more than two social media platforms at the start.)

Is Facebook social media good for your small business?

We all probably expected Facebook to be here. But for good reason. Facebook is still the leading social media platform of all time. Therefore, it would be automatically a brilliant idea to hop onto Facebook.

Generally, Facebook is the best social platform for your small business. Did you know that Facebook has over 1.9 BILLION active users per DAY?

This alone outright makes it a perfect place to find your target audience, bring in new customers, and become aware of what your niche is looking for.

Interacting with your customers is favourable with businesses too and is done the best with Facebook Groups.

With Facebook pages, you can start to broadcast your small business. Getting yourself out there is best done with Facebook pages. But with Facebook groups, you can talk to your clients who can ask questions and converse with your business. 

Facebook ads also play a huge part in your small business. Using them, it pushes you out to many more potential customers. However, they typically require a large budget.

Lastly, Facebook’s biggest demographic are male users between 25 and 34 years.

How to use Instagram to boost your business

Rather than telling your audience what you do, you can show it more on Instagram. As you probably know, Instagram is a HIGHLY visual-focused platform.

Therefore you need to be creating eye catching posts to be successful.

Posting visual content while it still being valuable is vital for Instagram’s competitive market.

Also take note that Instagram needs a thorough posting plan compared to other platforms. It’s vital to stay on top of Instagram, so you’ll want to start scheduling quickly.  

Notice also that Instagram’s demographic are female users between 25 and 34 years. Also adding that under 25’s are also a big demographic.

So if your business is for women, or a younger audience, Instagram has got you covered.

This may not be the option for you if you’re looking for senior audiences. But it can work very well for an audience of millennials and teens.

And with Instagram’s shop feature, you’ll be able to sell your products even easier on Instagram. It’s all there for you, and your customers are waiting.

With Stories, you can interact easily with your audience by adding polls, questions, and filters that are updated daily. And if your business is local, you can geo-tag them for a resident audience.

A website used with your social media is the perfect combination.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways you can advertise your business on Instagram, including paid ads too.

Instagram is excellent for making people aware of your small business. It also works extremely well with communication, whether with similar businesses or your customers.

Interaction on Instagram is fairly easy to get.

You’ll have to upload consistently with fresh pictures, which may be a hard task, but it is worth the trouble.

Will Tiktok help my business grow?

Surprised to see Tiktok here? It’s for great reason, actually.

In September 2022, Tiktok reached 1 billion ACTIVE global users. Tiktok is really on the rise and is becoming more popular by the day. Not to mention the low costs.

Its users spend an average of 52 minutes per day. Keep that in mind when I tell you that Instagram’s users spend an average of 28 minutes per day.

And since Tiktok is still a young platform, diving into it now is recommended. It’s easy to get a following on Tiktok, compared to other platforms, and puts you on the map quickly.

Tiktok easily allows you to see what your audience wants, and what’s popular in your niche. Viewing your competitors and what they’re doing on Tiktok is simple too.

Just by visiting their profile, you can take notes on what’s working for your niche.

What users on Tiktok want is to be captivated, and that’s within seconds. Don’t forget that Tiktok is focused on creating short videos that hold your interest. Your videos needs to be fast paced, to the point, and clear.

And most of all, entertaining. Tiktok users are likely to follow you when you’re enjoyable to watch, and you can still be informative.

You can collaborate with other businesses in your niche too. Webcrunch can help you with that.

Social media posting for small businesses

Small businesses may find posting videos hard to keep up with. But there is a big supply of helpful tips and tricks to help you. About 50% Tiktok’s global audience is under 34 years, and usually between 10 and 19.

It’s ideal for your small business if you want to target a younger audience. And of course, not the best option for senior audiences.

Tiktok, like any social media, boosts your customer’s awareness to what you do. And you can’t get that in many other places. Also, it can be fun to film Tiktok videos, so that’s always a benefit!

Thank you for listening to these tips today. I hope that these tips will help your small business achieve maximum potential.

And if you’re looking for more, check out the rest of Webcrunch.co.uk. Because we have so much more to offer.

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Good luck, and all the best from us.

Now you know Which social media is best for small businesses to grow, how will you find the time to use them to boost your small business?

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