PYE (prove you exist)

I wrote this article in last year, to explain why PYE (prove you exist) was going to be an important part of the new Google algorithm.

Some SEO’s took heed of this and did some more research into PYE. Those that did, are now glad they did. Because what I said has come to pass.

There is a new Google update that has just been rolled out in August 2022.

Google now uses social media signals to help determine if a company or organisation is still working.

It is vitally important that businesses understand this link between social media management and Google rankings. Especially when it comes to local seo.

This is what I said:

PYE (prove you exist) is a big part of the new Google algorithm out in May 2021. Simply put, Google needs to know what web sites are actually working and who isn’t.

The reason for this is that there are around half a million new web sites joining the web every day. Most of which will not be around for long for all sorts of reasons.

Some are scam web sites, some are business ideas that don’t take off and others for reasons that are many and varied.

What is Pye SEO?

PYE was first identified and named by Paul Watchorn. It sums up a part of the May 2021 Google update that Google uses to to check what firms are actually working.

Google only wants to rank the most useful web sites. Because the way google makes money is to sell advertising space on it’s search pages to people with money to burn.

They love it. Because they know that clients paying for advertising such as Adwords and the like are most likely to keep paying for as long as they want clients. Usually forever!

Why is it a bad idea to keep paying for internet advertising? Simply because the minute that advert disappears, that’s it. The paying advertiser has little or no work.

This is simply because paid adverts on the internet don’t stay around. They are there, or not there. Unlike organic pages on your web site or posts on social media.

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Google now requires you to prove you exist (Pye)

Going back to Google only wanting live and thriving business to show in it’s search results. Google has no real way of understanding if you are trading or not. It counts links form other sites, but that just tells them that your were working at some point in the past.

Google needs to know for real if your business or service is currently working. The reason is simple. Google must be able to produce helpful search results to the people that use the google search engine.

For example, have you ever clicked on a google search result and ended up on a dead page, a 404 error or something other than what you were really looking for?

The chances are that you have. It’s really frustrating, especially if it keeps happening to you.

Google knows this and for this reason it started PYE (prove you exist). It desperately wants to show only live web sites in it search index. It’s simple really.

But now they are taking steps to really find out which web sites are going to be useful to their search clients. And if you don’t PYE (prove you exist) your site will be ranked accordingly!

How do I PYE (prove I exist)

Google knows that everyone in business whether they are offering a service or making something. Whether they are an information service or a directory, they all have one thing in common.

They all use at least three of the social media platforms. Such as facebook, twitter, Instagram or one of the others.

It also knows that nobody is going to bother posting on those social media accounts if they are not working anymore. And that is the crunch, right there.

Google has built into the May 2021 algorithm a system that checks all of the social media accounts linked to your web site and company.

If it does not see regular posting with fresh content it will start to rank your site accordingly. Regardless of how many links you have!

The way to get past this and to show Google that you exist is to post across all of your social media accounts with fresh content at least three times per week.

Webcrunch can do this for you so that you can get on with making money by selling your service or product.

This is the most cost effective way to not only PYE, but you will also find that work will be coming in by default via your social media platforms. This is still virtually an untapped revenue stream in real terms.

What does Webcrunch social media posting cost?

All of our social media management prices are on this web site. We believe in being upfront with our prices. It’s only fair, and it saves time on both sides.

And don’t think this is just like advertising money being spent. The extra value of PYE is that you will have a constant stream of fresh content going out three times a week.

Without having to think about it at all. This new fresh content will stay on the web forever. Unlike the paid ads that Google just deletes!

The other thing is that with all this fresh content going out, your web site will be gaining in what Google terms as ‘trust’.

It can see all the work you are doing over a longer period and this trust factors into your rank worthiness on a day to day basis. It just does not go away!

Kirsty at Webcrunch will make sure that Google knows all about you by using social media to PYE (prove you exist). This gives you the chance to leapfrog over your competitors just by posting fresh content on your social media platforms regularly.

It’s difficult to do that while your are trying to keep everything else going. So Kirsty at Webcrunch will do it for your. Creating fresh content and graphics telling Google that you exist.

And as a bonus, your will get more people looking at your web site and social media platforms. That can only mean more sales!

What is fresh content on social media?

Fresh content on social media means new photographs, images and videos. Or some kind of graphic. Along with fresh text supporting that media.

This is essential for PYE (prove you exist). Google will see that you are active and will rank your web site accordingly.

You will also see an uptick in people interacting with your social media platforms. The whole thing designed to make your more prominent across the web and social media. So you can get on with making money!

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