Should I post Long or Short content

In short, what do we want to spend our time on. Should I post Long or Short content?

It’s time-consuming to create YouTube videos or blogs and also batch short Tiktok and Reels videos.

I understand that you want to know the exact thing you should be doing. Why create so much to no avail? Especially when it takes up so much effort and planning?

Should I post Long or Short content
Should I post Long or Short content

Should I post Long or Short content – What is best?

Personally, I enjoy making both long and short form content. Not only does it reach a wider audience on different platforms. But it also educates using distinctive styles of media.

But you’re probably here to choose one or the other. Remember, you can always change media and work your way up to what suits you at that time. Certainly we can plan the best way to go about a small business.

So in this article I explain the pros and cons creating long and short form content.

Why should I make longform content?

Whether your media consists of long or short form, it’s vital to know the importance of video. Images are great, but we are moving into an era of just video content. Consequently, you will want to push out video for your market.

Remember that you are still advertising to human beings. Eyes catch onto eye-contact and people going about their routine. People behind the camera. Through experimentation myself, I’ve had more views and engagement on videos where people are present.

Moreover, people want to know whose products/service they are buying from. Are they trusted? Use this to your advantage. Using long-form content gives the audience a sense of connection.

This emerges from YouTube videos where you’re chatting to the audience. Or educating them in some way that applies to your business.

Subconsciously or not, we love to learn from others. It’s all about connecting through the camera to your audience.

Building up not only a connection but trust with your audience garners more sales. And long form content does this perfectly.

The purpose of long form content is to educate, get to know, or strike a connection between the viewers. It can help get other creators talking about you too.

Long form videos can cover your products, if you’re local, how you’re useful, and how you can change their life. You can also talk about your connections with a customer, anecdotes about your business to gain relatability…

The list goes on!

Should I post Long or Short content
help your customers find you

Why shouldn’t I create longform content?

It’s a well-known tip to put yourself in the other persons’ shoes. The other person being your target audience.

And when you create long blogs or YouTube videos, will they sit around that long? Are strangers going to spend their time on your longform content all the way through?

Attention spans are getting shorter these days. Your customers might not have the time nor patience to watch you keep talking.

When you’re creating longform content, you must know somewhat about what your client is interested in.

However, YouTube is the second biggest search engine right now. And tons more people are sitting down to watch long videos.

SEO will get your website in the Google search results. This means that your videos and content will be right where your customers are looking.

All of this may not even matter. Why? Because you might not have the time nor equipment to create long YouTube videos or blogs. You might be stuck in a rut where you don’t want to face the camera and put yourself out there.

Longer videos means that it’s going to take you longer in the day to make them. That’s not even counting the mistakes, accidents, and stage fright that might take place.

If you know you’d benefit more from creating longform material, go for it. As a result, your videos are going to turn out much better when you’re passionate about them.

Most importantly, if it doesn’t suit your lifestyle, don’t worry. Keep reading to find out another way to make media.

Which is all about short form content.

Why should make short form content?

If 30 seconds to a minute long videos is what you want to create, you’re in luck. Right now, social media is gobbling up masses of short form videos every day. This could be in Reels, Tiktok, and YouTube Shorts.

You may think that maybe these aren’t enough to keep you afloat. The way things have gone in the past is that you have to create long videos to stand a chance. Nowadays, that is simply not the case.

More often than not, I see channels and accounts thriving by just making these methods of short form content. For example, a channel’s YT Shorts could have a million views while their long-form videos have 500k views.

The public have shorter attention spans and they want the information quick. And short form social media is also perfect for advertising our business. Moreover on that, if you put up a few seconds of advertisement, people are not going to mind. Not as much as if you advertise your brand along a ten-minute video without really giving much info.

Short form is all about selling your content, brand awareness and calls to action. Get your face out there to let people know who you are so they trust your business.

For Reels, YT Shorts and Tiktok, it’s the prime time to get yourself out there. You are going to get so much more organic reach than with long-form content. In fact, it lessens the need for promotional ads!

Why shouldn’t I post short-form content?

But on these platforms, especially Tiktok, you’ll need to post a whole lot more. And I’m talking 3-5 videos a day.

However, these videos only tend to be 15-60 seconds long. So it’s not going to be as hard to film. I recommend batching these videos to save you some time (and burnout).

Short form content is most likely going to involve more work. Burnout is more probable if you don’t organise yourself. Additionally, batching is going to be time consuming. And it’s not always easy to think of new ideas for each new video.

You must also remember that while short-form content is quick, you still have to make quality videos. If your video is low effort, the number of seconds it has won’t help you. All you must remember is that your short-form content must be generally as good as long-form videos. Just with a time limit.

But as we’ve covered today, short-form content is nothing to sneeze at. With the incredible organic reach and promotion potential, it’s pretty great. I suggest not missing out on your chance to boost your business a lot quicker with short form content.

If you’re a person who easily gets burnout or finds it hard to create ideas, this may not be for you. Moreover, if you’re a person who finds it hard to keep up with trends, maybe hold off.

Ultimately, there’s a simple decision to make. Do I do fewer long-form videos? Or do I do more short-form videos?

In conclusion – Should I post Long or Short content?

At best, your content is up to you. Short-form may fit your trendy, fast-paced small business. Or perhaps long-form content matches with your steady flow of a non-rushed business.

Your content reflects who you are and your business. That means you should make the decision fitted best with your business. Always remember you audience, too. What will they like?

Finally, I do suggest eventually syncing both forms of content. Covering all bases with both long and short content is going to fit every audience you have.

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So the answer to should I post Long or Short content really is going to be found in what you need at the time. And what will best fit in terms of content and time.

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