Website design and SEO

Our website design in Doncaster is very effective. And we specialise in getting your web site on the first page of Google.

Web results that you can see, guaranteed to improve your online traffic to your website.
We offer effective website design in Doncaster.

This will bring more enquiries to your website and get you more sales.
Our aim is to attract people to your website and increase your online sales.

We do this by working with you to understand exactly what service or product you offer.

And to design a website that is both attractive, and that will increase your online sales.

We offer a first class web design and website build that will really work for you. Without a lot of fuss and it won’t cost you the earth.

Website design in Doncaster

Website design in Doncaster

Designing Websites in Doncaster and local SEO

Local companies whether they are big local companies, or your local plumber all have one thing in common.

They rely on local business as well as always looking for business from out of town or even out of the country.

Every business will benefit a lot from good solid Website design in Doncaster.

It’s not just about making your website look pretty!
Website design Doncaster

Our web design service includes branding and digital optimisation as standard. This will help your website rank in Google and will get you more customers simply because more people will see your website.

Your business website needs to be found. Not just floating about online like so many others.
We will make your website work for you.

A strong website that has been well optimised using the latest search engine optimisation techniques to perform locally in search will bring local customers to your website.

Local website design in Doncaster is very important when it comes to increasing your web presence across the country and abroad.

Local web development will not restrict your website to Doncaster or whatever town you are in. In fact, it will strengthen your brand and website across the UK and abroad. Whilst giving you the edge to show in Google results locally.

Google starts to understand that your website is authoritative and becomes trusted in the eyes of Googles algorithm.

When this happens, your website will start showing across the country and abroad, resulting in online sales for your organization. Big or small.

Your digital presence has started and will grow, bringing you more success in the business world.

SEO Doncaster

We can help you with local SEO – Search engine optimisation if you already have a website that is not on the first page of Google.

Most businesses will hire a website designer to build a website for a fee. But this fee does not usually include advanced SEO or any search engine optimisation at all!

So Google won’t show your website on the first page of Google!

The fact is that these days almost anybody can whip up a website using one of many easy to use web design programs available.

The problem is, they are made to look good, but are very heavy in terms of load seed and many, many other factors.

Plus, the person doing it, probally won’t have any idea of SEO.

You are in safe hands with Webcrunch, whether you need SEO in Doncaster or any other area, We will get you on the first page of Google.

Why choose us for web design in Doncaster

Web design on the face of it looks simple right? So why hire a web design service?
In a nutshell, to design a web page that is visually pleasing is not that hard.

But these days, to get that website to show on the first page of Google, which it what you want if you want to sell anything, is not so easy.

Why is that? Why is it hard to get a website show on the home page of Google?

Back in the day, and I’m talking about the 1990’s I could design a website and it would be on the first page of Google the next day.

People would see it and buy the goods or services that were on offer.

Times have changed! With over 50,000 searches per second, you had better have a fully optimised web site if you want some work!

Google is in business to make money. It needs to generate profit for its shareholders. It does this through advertising revenue.

The basic idea is that Google has to rank websites that it needs satisfy the needs of people searching Google for things, anything.

It does this because if people are attracted to the Google search engine, it can show adverts whilst people are looking for something else.

People click on the adverts from Doncaster and beyond and Google charges them per click. Simple really.

How does Google choose which websites to put on the first page for people to see?

Over the years google has developed and algorithm that sends bots and crawlers to all the websites on the internet.

These bots check at least 200 points and probably many more. But the top 200 points are seen to be the most relevant for search engine optimisation.

Website search engine optimisation

For your web site to be shown on the first page of Google, it needs to be better optimised than other web sites.

This is website SEO or search engine optimisation.

This is where search engine optimisation specialists like me for websites come in.

What your company or service needs is a website that will rank and bring you customers, and income.

The basics of search engine optimisation go hand in hand with site structure and hundreds of other factors.

I can do this for you because I literally grew up with Google building websites and learning how Google thinks and plans for its next Google algorithm update.

As an SEO specialist in Doncaster I can get your website on the first page of Google. This is where your potential customers are looking, not on the second or third page of Google!

Build a website and people will come?

That was true back in the early 1990’s when website design in Doncaster was easy.

Now though, Google has had enough with people trying game the system.

Googles algorithm is the most complex piece of coding on the planet.

Your web site needs to be fast, functional, secure and comply to a myriad of other things that Google insists on before your website will even be listed in Google.

I will get your web site on the first page of Google and you will reap the benefits.

Website branding Branding web design

Branding, especially for medium sized and smaller family businesses, or one person company’s or service business seems just one step too far. And so, branding is not pushed.

Most business have a logo, but don’t consider it to be their brand.

Well, it is. And it will help you and your company in the eyes of google and other search engines.

If you have a logo, we can use that, or update it or if you don’t have a logo we offer graphic design in house, so it’s not expensive.

But don’t underestimate branding. It will most definitely help you and your organisation.

When I build a website, I include branding optimisation and every time something is added to the web, it just ads to your brand.

We offer a very comprehensive web design and build in Doncaster that can be from a few tweaks on your existing website to a brand new website for you.

Branding on your website and supported with an effective social media campaign will really bring you customers and increase revenue.

We will support or create your brand making you recognisable locally or much further afield.

Offering a complete website design and social media service that covers everything from your website through social media posting and branding.

You can have as much or as little as you need. It’s as simple as that. And it’s not expensive!

Small business website design Doncaster

You may be just starting out and need a website designing and hosting.

Or you may be well established and want a new modern looking website and to push forward with your branding.

We will do that for you. So, if you want sales to go up and to get more leads through your website or social media, you are in the right place.

Get will your business ranking on the first page of Google which will get you in front of potential clients and generate leads and sales opportunities.

We are local experts at making that web traffic convert into leads and increased online sales.

Monthly payment plan that you can start and stop when you feel like it. Or if you prefer, a one off payment.

The choice is yours.

With over twenty years of website building and search engine optimisation (SEO), you can look forward to a no nonsense approach that will bring you real results and get that profit rolling in.

We offer powerful and cost effective website design in Doncaster our websites are compatible across all browsers.

This is important because people use all sorts of browsers these days.

But, you need to be seen on all of them. Importantly, all our websites are fully responsive on all devices from phones through tablets and laptops.

Again, very important. with up to 80% of google searches now on mobile devices, you had better be sure your website looks good on all of them!

Responsive website design

All of our websites support responsive design. But why is this important?

These days we use multiple web connected devices. Most of these devices being mobile in some way.

The problem with having all these mobile devices with different screen sizes is that building a website just to fit a computer screen makes it unreadable on other mobile internet capable devices.

Your website needs to look great on all screen sizes from a mobile phone to a tablet. And from a desktop computer to a Chromebook. Otherwise, your website will look terrible, be unusable and reflect badly on your product or service.

Using responsive design techniques, we will make your website look perfect on all devices. Making sure that your web investment is working for you at all times.

Google recommends that all websites use responsive design techniques. It’s much more than a recommendation from Google now though. The Google algorithm changed to include penalties, or should we say a penance for not having a responsive website.

Why would they do this? Simple, as we have said before, Googles aim is to provide great search results. And those search results need to be legible and usable. The days of squinting at tiny buttons on the phone and chasing things around the screen are long gone.

As a result, if your website is not fully responsive, Google will simply not rank it. But don’t worry, all of our websites and web design is fully responsive as standard

Creative website design in Doncaster

Along with the technical side of web design your website needs great graphic design.

It’s no good if I build a technically brilliant website that ranks in Google but doesn’t keep your potential clients engaged.

This is where Kirsty comes in with fantastic graphic design experience.
The photographic and visual media must be spot on. From the file size to the last pixel.

Effective graphic design will enhance the effectiveness of your brand and logo and will make your website pleasant and engaging to look at and read through.

These days the attention span of people is very low. They need to see eye grabbing logos and stunning pictures to stay on your website.
Our website development includes all this and more. We offer complete Website design in Doncaster. Not just a pretty front end!

WordPress web design in Doncaster

We are specialists in WordPress design and development in Doncaster. WordPress is a content management system (CMS).

WordPress is running on about a third of the websites on the internet. It is the most popular CMS on the planet.

We recommend using WordPress for your website because it can be set up to allow you or your staff access to add new fresh content to your website.

WordPress websites can be very helpful to business small and large. However, it is easy to use accessing a user interface. And can be accessed from any computer.

So, this means that your will be able to make quick updates to your website. For example, offers and price changes. Or adding a new product line or service.

We can build your website with all the technical expertise and search engine optimisation skills we have. So you can make on page changes without having to worry about breaking the website.

This is possible because the technical side of the website built by us cannot be accessed and accidently broken by a simple mistake by an employee or yourself.

But don’t worry, we will show you how to log in and upload your website content, it’s easy and you will pick it up in a few minutes!

Above all, you will have instant access to your website and won’t have to pay for simple changes.

Website design services are extremely important these days. You need your customers to find your website on google quickly. And stay on your website to connect with you.

Our custom WordPress Website Development is right here for you to use and get more customers.

In other words, Webcrunch offers state of the art WordPress websites that will help grow your business locally, throughout the UK and globally.

Social Media services in Doncaster

Social media is so important these days. I mentioned earlier that over 50,000 internet searches are made per second.

Google must figure out what firms are working and it’s not so easy just crawling their websites.

The latest Google algorithm includes social media use. Google is checking your social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to see if you are actually still in business and trading.

If you are not posting good content and images daily on social media, it’s a good signal to Google that you are not working.

This is becoming a very significant ranking factor for Google and search engines.

Google wants to serve great results that people can use so that it can sell advertising.

If it keeps showing websites that don’t work, people won’t use their search engine.

furthermore, it will also help you to grow your business. More eyes on your firm or service, more customers.

Increasing the reach of your instagram or facebook will result in more clients. Our social media management service

In conclusion, it is vitally important that you prove you exist to google we do all that for you! Watch a short video on why you need to prove you exist to Google:

Furthermore, If you don’t, your web site will start to slip into obscurity along with the other two billion websites. Don’t worry, we have your interests at heart.

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