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A little about us at Webcrunch.

Simple, we create ways of getting people to your web site and social media platforms such as facebook and Instagram.

This brings more customers to your website so that you can show them what you can do for them.

Every budget can be catered for, and we mean that.

Our website design and build service starts at just £99 per month.

This includes updating it and keeping it running!

You can also pay a one off fee for a new website or for me to update your old website. It’s up to you.

Remember this, you only need to be a fraction of a step in front of your competitor to grab your chance. Don’t fall behind, keep those calls coming.

Why do you need Social media and SEO services

You probably know about the massive shake up that Google is doing in May 2021.

Update: The Google update in August 2022 is the latest Google update. This article is still very relevant to your business success. read on!

You know that keeping all social media platforms up to date. Regular posts three times a week and adding fresh content each time, is the main way Google will decide whether you are actually working or not. And so rank your web site, or not!

SEO in Doncaster and accross the UK just got that much harder. SEO is a specialist area of website management.

You know you don’t have time to produce fresh content and service all the social media accounts three times a week. That’s why you are looking for a solution.

We will do it for you. Google needs to know that you are active. It can’t do that without some sort of signal or feed back. Your social media accounts are now also your signal to google that you are alive and working.

No regular social signals, no reason for google to think you still exist!

Webcrunch will make sure that google keeps you in mind and keeps your web site listed. Using advanced search engine optimisation techniques

We are able to start working with you with the smallest budget right up to a full blown digital marketing plan that will make you the number one in your field.

This is what we do this for a living, trust us.

A little about Kirsty – Social media expert

Firstly, and most importantly I want to talk about why?

Why? Why do I do what I do?

Social media expert Kirsty Watchorn
Social media management webcrunch

This business is my passion, my life. I wake up every day loving this dream that I have built.

Years ago, after trying to decide what I wanted to do. I wanted to start from scratch and grow a business that would not only help me but my dad.

After being knocked back on projects before, I was able to grasp social media and enjoy it.

Years ago, I was tossed into the never-ending hole of Facebook advertising not knowing how to understand the constant changing of the platform.

My Dad had a service business carpet cleaning, and the social side was just another headache to give him. That was just too much. So, with some persuasion I went on the courses and sat day after day, leaning the Facebook ins and outs.

Creating the images, the ads, the copy and many times I failed, or the post didn’t get enough engagement. Finding the right offer to draw the customers in, how much to spend over the week or month.

Going out with him on the job to find the right shot to take the picture that the Facebook algorithm wants to see.

Spending the time watching how he worked all day on the tools then home to work on his computer, really gave me the determination to see the Facebook advertising through.

I wanted to support him and his business, then over the years we could see how the business was improving. The work diary was being filled with 50/50 work from the website and the Facebook.

Social media management

I felt so happy that my understanding of social media advertising was paying off, we could see how much work we were getting for my efforts.

Now years later with social media growing as big as it has, we have a platform that has over 3000 followers (paying customers). That we can target in different ways, with also twitter and Instagram they can keep up with us day to day.

With other growing business in the mix as well.

So we formed Webcrunch. Social media is what I have lived and breathed for over 5 years now, and I am able to keep up with the constant change. This is how I work every day and love it.

Coming from a service work background I understand how tiring it is to work everyday and keep up with Facebook, all ways trying to play the catch-up game with everything.

Therefore, every package I have is thought around you, the client’s needs above all else straight forward and easy to follow.

All prices and packages were created with you in mind.

Now my dad has a phenomenally successful business, I can start to create my dream business of a social media management service in Doncaster as this is where my love for business lies.

I stand for the small business, the person that has too much on their plate. people that want to bring value and a great reputation to their customers. Teaching and educating their audience to the excellent quality they want to share.

Facebook, Instagram and twitter is all about connecting with your customer, let’s help them find your product or services.

Let’s give you the same outcome.

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